North American Drilling Corporation: Video tour of drilling rig....
North American Drilling Corporation's recent drilling operations in west Texas, USA. Video...
published: 07 Oct 2011
author: NADCnews
3D Drilling Rig Simulation - Oil and Gas Training Simulation
http://www.trainingpro3d.com - 3D Drilling Rig Simulation that runs in a web browser. This...
published: 19 Apr 2011
Ensign Drilling Rig 62 - The Worst Connection Ever
Featuring Cliff on the brake, On the Tongs Grimey and Barry, later to cameo "Twig" with Ry...
published: 16 Feb 2012
OIL RIG FIRE 2013:Gulf of Mexico drilling rig has partially collapsed off the coast of Louisiana
Gulf of Mexico drilling rig has partially collapsed off the coast of Louisiana after catch...
published: 25 Jul 2013
author: cfactorstout
Lifewater Drilling Technology model LDT 360 Cable Tool Drill Rig
http://www.lifewaterdrillingtechnology.com Water well drilling rig for developing countrie...
published: 18 Nov 2012
Drilling Rig: Tongs & Spinningchains
Here some footage of Spinning chains & Tongs. Enjoy!!! Soundtrack: Botch - O Fortuna....
published: 31 Jan 2009
author: Spockoor
Jackup Drilling Rig - How Does It Work...
Jackup Drilling Rig - How Does It Work... (Animation) Music by: Drowning Pool - Bodies Alb...
published: 08 Nov 2011
Drilling Rig
Heres an older picture of us spinning chain, so much fun....
published: 14 Jan 2007
author: hiltzie
Rig types and basic drill string components. Part 1
Describe the basic rig types. Explaine that rigs are available in different sizes. Identif...
published: 07 Nov 2012
Homemade water well drilling rig
This video was uploaded from an Android phone....
published: 26 Sep 2011
author: yanta61
Drilling rig Canada
Connection. Super single conventional....
published: 19 Jan 2013
author: tool235
Drilling rig accident
70 mile an hr winds broke the hand rail all the pipe fell in to the diving board....
published: 27 Jun 2011
author: TapOut241
Water Well Drilling BoreMaster ZX-1000 Drill Rig
Drilling A Water Well, Demo, well drilling rig, portable drill rig, BoreMaster ZX-1000, po...
published: 05 Nov 2009
author: hydrafab
Devastating footage of a land drill rig fire
This is true footage of a land drill rig fire & how quick the flames can spread. The Oil &...
published: 09 Apr 2009
Youtube results:
Rig Crew and Company Man - Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production
Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production- This 2-hour documentary is the most-com...
published: 16 Oct 2012
Liebherr - Mr. Torque - the LB 44 rotary drilling rig
The Liebherr LB 44 is the lates development in Liebherr's range of special deep foundation...
published: 16 Feb 2014
Nomac Drilling: A Day in the Life, Episode 1
Find out what it takes to run a drilling rig, meet the crew members of Nomac 23 in norther...
published: 02 Oct 2012
Atlas Copco - Predator oil and gas drilling rig
Here's the setup process of Atlas Copco's Predator Drilling System designed to drill to de...
published: 11 Oct 2012